Termite Control in Covington, GA

Every year, termites invade 600,000 homes in the US causing an estimated $5 billion in damage. Termites in Georgia are especially active in the spring but they can pose a serious threat year-round. If you get a Eastern Subterranean or Formosan termite infestation, you could be faced with tens of thousands of dollars in damage to your home if not treated with termite control services swiftly and properly.

Free Termite Control Inspections in Covington, GA

It is very important to have a trusted expert inspect your home for termites to avoid this costly damage. At Bigham Pest Services we are highly trained and experienced at inspecting for termites. We offer two types of termite control inspections. If you find something on your property that looks like termite mud tubes or evidence of termite damage, we’ll come out to give you a free termite inspection to verify the infestation and give you an estimate to eradicate the termites.

It’s smart to have your home, commercial building, or other wooden structures inspected at least once every three years in Georgia. Even metal buildings are not immune to termite infestations if they include any wood in the framing or foundation. It is important to seek the services of a termite control company as soon as you notice signs of an infestation

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Wood Destroying Organisms Termite Inspections

When you purchase or refinance your property, you will typically be required to obtain a Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Inspection. During this very thorough inspection, our team of termite control technicians look for any evidence of termites and other wood-destroying organisms. This includes subterranean termites, drywood termites, wood-boring beetles, powder post beetles, and wood decaying fungus. For WDO inspections we charge a $50 inspection fee.


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Re-treat free!When you get our full termite treatment, we promise to keep your home termite-free for 10 years. If you get another termite infestation during that time we’ll re-treat your home for free and make any repairs that are necessary included with our termite program.

How We Protect Your Home or Commercial Building and Control Against Termites

Bigham Pest Services uses the most effective techniques and the best products on the market when eradicating termites and protecting your home or commercial building against an infestation. Our strategies include Trelona Bait Stations and treating the soil around your foundation and in any subareas with Termidor HE.

Trelona Bait Stations

Trelona is a high grade cellulose material that has been compressed into tablets. Developed by BASF, Trelona compressed termite bait is installed in-ground on your property at in bait stations using the Trelona Advance® Termite Bait System (ATBS).

This system provides effective protection that involves placement and monitoring with scheduled inspections.
The Trelona ATBS design can work fast. In less than two months, termites will consume the bait from the stations and share it with the termite population to control subterranean activity for on-going termite protection.

The time to fully treat and achieve control of termite activity will vary depending on a number of factors such as the size of the colony, location of the colony, and environmental conditions found on the property. When structural damage already exists or damage is caused while pre-existing termites continue to feed, a more aggressive approach using a termiticide, such as Termidor HE Program, may be necessary.

Liquid Termidor HE

At Bigham Pest Services we are licensed and highly-trained in applying high-efficiency Termidor, commonly referred as Termidor HE System. Termidor HE provides continuous termite treatment in zones to prevent infestations in wood for maximum protection. It is extremelhy effective against a variety of subterranean, arboreal, drywood, and dampwood termites. It works under a wide range of soil types, environmental conditions, and application techniques. The application involved rodding and or trenching around the complete perimeter of the home or structure. This may involve drilling through the driveway and other concrete pads around the foundation. We also treat any subareas beneath your home. This may require trenching around piers and next to inner walls of the foundation.

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