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Mosquito Control – Conyers, GA

Nothing ruins summer plans more than mosquitoes constantly buzzing around, looking for their next meal. Beyond being a nuisance, mosquitoes also represent some potentially severe health risks.

Since 2007, Bigham Pest Services has combatted pests of all types inside and outside your home or facility. We offer highly effective mosquito control solutions for our neighbors in Conyers, GA, and surrounding communities.

If you’re in need of mosquito control in Conyers, GA, Bigham Pest Services can help.



Health Risks Related to Mosquitos

According to the CDC, it only takes a handful of mosquitoes to spread diseases and parasites to an entire community.

Mosquito bites can be itchy and annoying and also represent potential health risks. Mosquitoes can spread West Nile virus, Encephalitis, Yellow Fever, and Zika virus, among other diseases.

Mosquitoes threaten animals, spreading heartworm in unprotected dogs, Eastern Equine Encephalitis in horses, and other severe health conditions.

Mosquito Habitats and Behaviors  

Tracking movements, warmth, and chemical signals to identify humans and animals, mosquitoes can detect a host from over 100 feet away, Repellents and similar products provide short-term protection, but home and business owners often fight a losing battle.

Typically active from the late spring through early fall, mosquitoes thrive in warm and humid environments. Tall grass and overgrowth vegetation provide places for mosquitoes to gather. 

Mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water from lakes, creeks, pools, drains, and even birdbaths or buckets of rainwater. Over a six-week lifespan, a female typically produces three groups of eggs. With over 100 eggs in a single spawn, these pesky insects reproduce and spread quickly.

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Our Approach to Mosquito Control in Conyers, GA

Using our 16 years of experience in the industry, Bigham Pest Services employs a comprehensive approach to target mosquitoes throughout their different life stages. 

Our trained technicians will evaluate your property for various factors during your free inspection. After the analysis, we will provide options to create an unwelcoming environment.

Identification of Environmental Factors

Our technicians identify environmental factors contributing to the mosquito problem on your property. These components include bodies of areas of standing water ideal that attract egg-laying females and identifying tall grass or vegetation used for protection.

Larvicide Treatment

Once our technician identifies where mosquitoes dwell and reproduce, larvicide is applied. This product assists in successfully eliminating the next generation of mosquitoes before they reach adulthood.

Insecticide Treatment

Mosquitoes thrive in hot weather but avoid excessive sunlight, and when temperatures drop at night, they will shelter in shrubs, tall grassy areas, and overgrowth. Targeting these areas with liquid insecticide assists in reducing mosquito populations.

Identification of Food Sources

Female mosquitoes require the proteins found in human and animal blood to lay eggs. All other mosquitoes eat plant materials and insects, including other mosquitoes, as their primary food source. 

Our comprehensive mosquito treatment includes targeting plant materials. This process makes these organic food sources toxic to mosquitoes and the other insects they feed on.

Interrupting the Breeding Cycle

Mosquitoes reproduce quickly. The application of growth regulators breaks this life cycle. Growth regulators work by affecting the reproductive cycle by making adults sterile or causing them to lay eggs that aren’t viable. 

Growth regulators also affect larvae, disrupting their growth before they reach the adult stage and becoming capable of reproducing.

You’ll Love Our Pest Free Guarantees

It can be frustrating working with a pest control company that doesn’t solve your pest problem. That’s why we offer some of the best guarantees in Georgia to give you the confidence that we ensure your complete satisfaction.



Re-treat free!We guarantee you’ll be pest-free inside your home. If you discover pests after our treatment, we promise to come back and re-treat for free as often as it takes.



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Why Choose Bigham Pest Services

For over 16 years, Bigham Pest Control has been a family-owned business proudly serving the Conyers community and surrounding areas. Our customers come first; you can count on us to offer a stellar experience from start to finish.

Our services have helped hundreds of local residential and commercial customers deal with mosquitoes and other pests, earning 5-star reviews.

Actively keeping up with the latest technology and best practices in the pest control industry is what we strive to do.

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Do you have a mosquito problem on your property? Not only is a mosquito an irritating pest, but they also present potential health hazards to humans and pets. If you have mosquitoes, we can help. Our proven five-step approach addresses mosquito infestation and prevents them from returning.

A home inspection is easy to schedule and always free. Contact us today to learn more about mosquito control in Conyers, GA, and be on your way to a bite-free summer.

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